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Some of the best features of the App !


Organize your teams in a heartbeat with powerful and easy tools to manage your schedules, people and more


Communicate directly and quickly with your teams with our incredible magic team emails, and quick messages


Connect your team, training, Nutrition & Fitness and your children. See what's happening in your team, share your schedule, team photos, and more

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Easy to find other cricket players and coaches

How CricketChampX helps you...

For Players

  • Find a cricket ground to play
  • Find another team to play
  • Request to join a team
  • Find coaches
  • Reserve / Enroll for practice sessions

For Team Managers

  • Find teams for matches.
  • Find umpires for matches.
  • Find grounds for matches.
  • Request to join cricket leagues.

For Coaches

  • Schedule training sessions
  • Find players who needs training.
  • Manage cricket teams while coaching.
  • Enroll players for practice sessions
  • Reserve sessions for players


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